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Thursday, 28 August 2014

Differentiation of shoes, Knowledge of people

Differentiation of shoesKnowledge of people

Character is "distinguishing cheap birkenstocks, shoes worn by people" by observing the stranger materials, styles, such as recency, largely determine the person's age, gender, income, personality and other information. This conclusion is America University of Kansas in 63 college students were investigated on habit, and they do a personality questionnaire in detail after the shoes, according to the situation of a person, can make him the 90% personality. For example, "love to wear high heels is usually mature personality and generous, like thinking,smart. Are very conscientious in life and work and efforts of the people and things around, higher requirements......" Like in additional special buy birkenstock online people, "pay attention to fashion and the pursuit of pop, like be the focus of all attention, looks bold style, in fact, quite conservative". Whether or not intentional, shoes always convey the wearer a small but useful information. Emotional hunger "Emotional hunger" is not healthy people in spirit long nothing to rely on, the lack of emotional experience. Research shows that, as the indispensable emotions,not a lack of food, water and sleep. "Emotional Hunger" will also influence the psychological health of people. People in the long-term lack of emotive experience case, will one day lose vitality, emotional numbness will one day, have no appetite for food, too anxious to sleep, worry and illness will need to find a cheap birkenstocks australia. For the "emotional hunger", psychological experts suggest, should try to explore the life and work of new things, to find the real appeal to their interests,and a lot of practice.

Look at the shoes of general character

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Look at the shoes of general character

The University of Kansas psychologist studied found that, shoe reflects a person's character to a certain extent, no matter whether he is intentional. The researchers said that, some clues shoes provide a more intuitive, such as the high price of birkenstock sale that the wearer revenues; bright colors, styles bold shoes wearer showed outgoing personality. Others are not so intuitive, such as love to wear the utility class shoes are usually be courteous and accessible, love to wear birkenstock sale australia are often seek to prevail over others, wear clean shoes are usually careful, wear fashionable, the price is not low but comfort difference high-heeled shoes are usually quiet disposition, wear no characteristics of shoes. Usually poor interpersonal relationship. cheap birkenstock cannot only convey the wearer a small but useful information, but also can help people understand the dress its owner's character. America former president Bush most likes to wear cowboy boots, even in the legitimate activities. Also this kind of shoe. Former British Prime Minister Blair likes to wear John Lobb company production of traditional black dwarf belt buckle birkenstock online. The company produced the old leather shoes in the most fashionable London millionaire class. Conclusion: Blair is a confirmed British, from the wearing characteristics can be seen, who was born to value the work of upper class families used to say without mincing words, speech. Russian President Putin wishes to wear black shiny leather shoes. To show that he values most is his shoes role. He wears the shoe is not the traditional round tip,but square toe more interesting, that he wants to become a political activist, but keeps in mind range; at the same time he was a resolute person be full of go. The former Prime Minister of Italy Berlusconi like flat tip loafers wears Italy traditional, elegant. Conclusion: He Likes Food. Wine, feeling pretty good, is a gentleman.